About Forest Fights
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Forest Fights is a fun mobile game that you can play for free. It has an option for multiplayer games, offline or online boards. It's a Ludo-like forest-style game with a lot of social features, battles, bonuses, and rewards.

You can pick a custom avatar, your favorite pawn, winter or summer boards, and many other options.

Forest Fights Features

Social Board Game

2 boards, 8 pawns, 4 power ups, 2 ways to get an extra raw, safe house, extra pawn, and much more is waiting to play the new mobile board game for Android.

The Forest Fights

Instant fights between players. Land next to a player to pick a fight. Land on the other player's position to win the fight instantly.

Get power-ups like Sword or Shield to have a bigger chance in each battle.

Forest Fights Battles
fun board game

Social Board Game

Play, have fun, and chat with your friends, family, or players from all over the world.

Roll the dice, and let the game begin.

Play Forest Fights

Download the mobile app for Android (smartphone and tablet) and have fun with Forest Fights.
 Forest Fights on Google Play