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Zendida is a card collection game for smartphone and tablet (Android, iPhone, iPad). By playing Zendida you'll travel through a fantastic, parallel world. The game is based on 3 of the 5 earth elements - Earth, Fire, Water.

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How to play Zendida

Use your phone location to reveal more cards. Get into a battle with opponents from a leaderboard, and compete each other on a new way.

With Zendida you can:

  • Collect cards by finding them with your phone.
  • You're getting into a battle to win more cards.

How to have fun with Zendida

Enjoy the card battles with other players. Both of you will pick only 1 card, and depending on the 'Element' one of you will win the fight (the winner takes all cards).

Zendida Fun
Unique Zendida

What's unique with Zendida

Special Cards:

  • Power Booster
  • Element Adopter
  • Element Booster


  • ZenCoins - extend your radar to find easily more cards

Zendida Technical Requirements

Apple Devices
iOS: 9.3 or later
Compatible: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Disk Space: 4.4 MB

Android Devices
Android: 4.4 and up
Disk Space: 49M

zendida requirements
Zendida Apps

Where to play Zendida

Zendida is a mobile-first game which requires to use your location. That's how it will find the cards from the parallel world, and you will earn points.

The game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

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Download the mobile app and have fun with a next-generation card game.
 Zendida on Google Play  Zendida on iTunes